Energy Storage News

24th November 2017
BNEF Predicts Explosive Energy Storage Growth On Both Sides Of The Meter

27th April 2017
Microgrid Knowledge
Why Energy Storage May be Bigger than You Think

2nd April 2017
Financial Times
National Grid calls for rule change so it can own storage

16th March 2017
Renewable Energy World
A Longer Look at Long-duration Energy Storage

13th January 2017
UK ‘must remove storage barriers’

23rd November 2016
Energy Storage News
‘Exciting future’ – UK Electricity Storage Network ‘rejoicing’ as government

14th November 2016
Energy Storage Association
2017: The Grid Abides, and Storage Accelerates

15th October 2016
The Guardian
Energy storage vital to keep UK lights on, say MPs

4th October 2016
Business Green
REA: UK now boasts over 3GW of operating energy storage capacity

26th July 2016
Green Tech Media
One Simple Measure That Could Cut UK Storage Costs

31st May 2016
The true cost of energy storage

14th April 2016
Business Green
How to unlock solar power’s multi-terawatt future

4th March 2016
National Infrastructure Commission
A Smart Power Revolution could save consumers £8 billion a year – Adonis

4th March 2016
BBC News Online
Smart energy could save £8bn a year, say advisers

3rd March 2016
Energy Storage May Save U.K. Consumers $3.35 Billion by 2030

1st March 2016
Carbon Trust
Energy Storage Report: Can storage help reduce the cost of a future UK electricity system?

3rd December 2015
PV Tech Storage
How many solar jobs in Britain will be saved by energy storage?

11th September 2015
Business Green
Can the UK be a global leader in energy storage? Not without a clear government strategy

22nd July 2015
PV Tech Storage
Despite PV policy uncertainty, UK energy secretary excited by ‘fantastic opportunity’ of storage

The Case for Long Duration Energy Storage – Clean Horizon White Paper links:

Paper 1 – Long term studies show a strong potential for long duration energy storage

Paper 2 – Frequency regulation is not the main and only market for energy storage

Paper 3 – Only a few intraday energy storage technologies are scalable and ready to deploy

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