Energy Storage News

24th November 2017

BNEF Predicts Explosive Energy Storage Growth On Both Sides Of The Meter

The latest “Energy storage forecast 2016–2030” from Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts explosive growth in energy storage over the next 12 years.

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27th April 2017
Microgrid Knowledge

Why Energy Storage May be Bigger than You Think

Three decades ago when the Energy Storage Association tried to galvanize support it drew 35 people to the room. Last week, at its annual conference in Denver, there were near 2,000.

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2nd April 2017
Financial Times

National Grid calls for rule change so it can own storage

National Grid, the operator of the UK’s electricity system, is pressing for a rule change that would allow it to own storage, one of the key technologies that will help Britain keep the lights on in future.

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16th March 2017
Renewable Energy World

A Longer Look at Long-duration Energy Storage

Trying to compare different types of energy storage is a bit like trying to compare the color green to the color blue. Here we take a stab at defining the market potential for long-duration energy storage and offer considerations for potential buyers of this new technology.

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13th January 2017

UK ‘must remove storage barriers’

The UK government should remove all barriers to deployment of energy storage, according to the Solar Trade Association (STA).

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23rd November 2016
Energy Storage News

‘Exciting future’ – UK Electricity Storage Network ‘rejoicing’ as government

The UK’s government department for business, energy and industrial strategy (BEIS) and its regulator, Ofgem, have jointly launched a Call for Evidence on System Flexibility for the country’s power networks, putting storage at the forefront.

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14th November 2016

2017: The Grid Abides, and Storage Accelerates

Energy storage is transforming the power sector and its bright future has not changed. Storage has an intrinsic value that is built on its capabilities and performance, and as long as there are competitive market opportunities it can deliver value to all grid stakeholders, lower costs, and create system-wide benefits.

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15th October 2016
The Guardian

Energy storage vital to keep UK lights on, say MPs

MPs recommend investment in two major areas: on the supply side, energy storage; and on the demand side, efficiency technologies that smooth out peaks in usage.

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04th October 2016
Business Green

REA: UK now boasts over 3GW of operating energy storage capacity

The UK now boasts 35 standalone grid-scale storage projects and at least 1,500 residential storage units, according to new industry data.

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27th July 2016
Green Tech Media

One Simple Measure That Could Cut UK Storage Costs

Extending enhanced frequency response (EFR) contracts by just two years could slash U.K. grid energy storage costs, according to an expert.

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31st May 2016

The true cost of energy storage

A new report from the World Energy Council suggests that a narrow focus on cost alone may be leading to misconceptions about the real value of energy storage. So what is the true value and how can investment barriers be broken down?

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14th April 2016
Business Green

How to unlock solar power’s multi-terawatt future

Storage will be key if solar is to ever dominate the global energy market, but how quickly can this Holy Grail technology deliver? At a high level meeting late last month the world’s leading clean energy experts gathered to discuss the solar industry’s future prospects as a major clean energy generator.

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4th March 2016

A Smart Power Revolution could save consumers £8 billion a year – Adonis

The Commission’s central finding is that smart power – principally built around three innovations, interconnection, storage, and demand flexibility – could save consumers up to £8 billion a year by 2030, help the UK meet its 2050 carbon targets, and secure the UK’s energy supply for generations.

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4th March 2016
BBC News Online

Smart energy could save £8bn a year, say advisers

The UK could save up to £8bn a year by using electricity better, the government’s infrastructure advisers say. The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) envisages a smart energy revolution with more cables linking the National Grid to mainland Europe.

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2nd March 2016

Energy Storage May Save U.K. Consumers $3.35 Billion by 2030

By curbing the need for grid upgrades and boosting use of wind turbine and solar panels, energy storage could deliver savings equal to about 50 pounds a year for households.

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1st March 2016
Carbon Trust

Energy Storage Report: Can storage help reduce the cost of a future UK electricity system?

Energy storage could save £2.4 billion a year system wide by 2030; if regulatory hurdles are overcome this could rise to £7 billion a year. This report outlines significant cost savings for the UK electricity system, should the potential for energy storage be realised.

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3rd December 2015
PV Tech Storage

How many solar jobs in Britain will be saved by energy storage?

Many people are grasping at energy storage to be an instant panacea to the post -support environment. There will be opportunities and there will be growth, and there will be jobs.

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11th September 2015
Business Green

Can the UK be a global leader in energy storage? Not without a clear government strategy

Jill Cainey of the Electricity Storage Network argues UK has the potential to become energy storage hub, but only if policy barriers are torn down.

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22nd July 2015
PV Tech Storage

Despite PV policy uncertainty, UK energy secretary excited by ‘fantastic opportunity’ of storage

UK energy and climate secretary Amber Rudd has spoken of her excitement of the “fantastic opportunity” posed by combining energy storage solutions with solar PV. Rudd was giving evidence to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee at the Houses of Parliament yesterday, advising it on the department’s priorities for the year ahead and what might shape policy decisions in the coming months.

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The Case for Long Duration Energy Storage – Clean Horizon White Paper links:

Paper 1 – Long term studies show a strong potential for long duration energy storage

Paper 2 – Frequency regulation is not the main and only market for energy storage

Paper 3 – Only a few intraday energy storage technologies are scalable and ready to deploy

TV Coverage

David Attenborough meets President Obama

David Attenborough talks to President Obama about his career and issues facing the natural world. At many points storing energy is mentioned, particularly at 20.30 and 29.33, Sir David talks of the importance of storing electricity from renewables, “I believe that if we find ways of generating and storing power, from renewable resources, we will make the problem with oil and coal and other carbon problems disappear…

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