Pumped Hydro Capability, No Geographical Constraints

Highview can design and develop very large scale projects and recently showcased a new conceptual GigaPlant (200MW/1.2GWh) which can be delivered at low cost, and located wherever required.

Building on experience from 5 years of operations of small plants has enabled the company to develop a proven system model. As LAES systems use proven and available components, giving a low technology risk, Highview has approached the OEMs that supply the equipment which has enabled estimates to be generated for cost and footprint of the GigaPlant.

“Based on 9 years of development and 5 years of operation of small systems, Highview believes that its LAES systems will be the cheapest, cleanest and lowest environmental impact GWh scale, locatable storage systems available.

“Our work says we can deliver GWh scale systems now and we’re inviting project developers, financiers and our supply chain to join us and our Licence partners to prove it’s possible and help deliver tomorrow’s storage using today’s technology…” Gareth Brett, CEO, Highview Power Storage

System diagram

Suppliers of the equipment include:

Footprint Comparison

LAES – Liquid Air Energy Storage
HFB/VRFB – Hybrid Flow Battery/Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
CAES – Compressed Air Energy Storage
PHS – Pumped Hydro Storage

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