Highview Power Storage is a designer and developer of large-scale energy storage solutions for utility and distributed power systems. Using liquid air as the storage medium, Highview can design bespoke Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) plants, that can deliver from 5MW/15MWh – to more than 200MW/1.2GWh to service a growing multi billion dollar energy storage market.

Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) Video Animation

Watch our new LAES video animation showing how the LAES process works, the key benefits of the technology, the applications it can work with and the future scale up of LAES plants to the ‘GigaPlant’ a 200MW/1.2GWh system.


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25th January 2017
ESN Annual Symposium: Good Storage, Better Storage
London, UK

8th December 2016
Future of the UK electricity network and priorities for moving towards a smart energy system
London, UK

30th November 2016
UKES 2016
Birmingham, UK

20th October 2016
Energy Storage 2016 – Prospects for scaling up UK storage capacity
Bristol, UK

11th-13th October 2016
Low Carbon Networks & Innovation Conference
Manchester, UK

27th-29th September 2016
Energy Storage Global Conference 2016
Brussels, Belgium

13th September 2016
Opportunities for Flexible Technology in an Evolving Energy System
Derby, UK

21st-23rd June 2016
Power Gen Europe and Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo
Milan, Italy

25th-27th April 2016
ESA 26th Annual Conference and Expo
Charlotte, NC, USA

2nd-4th March 2016
World Smart Energy Week 2016
Tokyo, Japan

17th-18th February 2016
UKTI Great Energy Summit
Warsaw, Poland

3rd-4th February 2016
ACI Energy Storage 2016
Paris, France

27th January 2016
ESN Annual Meeting 2016
London, UK

20th January 2016
REA Event – Energy Storage: the new market dynamic
London, UK


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